Scapular Loading to Improve Throwing Velocity



Scap loading (AKA. "proud chest") is the idea of loading/pinching the shoulder blades/scaps together during hip to shoulder separation.

Believe it or not, some of you already utilise scap loading naturally to some extent. The purpose of this is to raise awareness around the concept of scap loading so you are more in-tuned with the movement and mechanics of your body when throwing. This will help you analyse, assess and identify elements to improve in your current throwing motion.

BE SAFE. It is always recommended to take it slow when trying to tweak throwing mechanics and gradually implement them in your training and gameplay to prevent injury. Some athletes are known to develop the "inverted W," when attempting to scap load which could cause injuries down the track. Click here to read more about it. 


Credits - 
1. - Trevor Bauer
2. YouGoProBaseball
3. Coach Dan Blewett

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