Turf VS Hardcourt

Turf VS Hardcourt

Dodgeball is typically played on a volleyball sized hard court, but in many leagues around the world, hard-courts are not all that accessible and leagues tend to veer towards turf.

So how does the playing terrain affect the use of knee pads?

Knee pads can be used on both playing fields. However, they are designed and are more suitable for use on hard-court. For those who have played with knee pads on turf, you may realise that they tend to slip more often and this is because of the friction of turf and a player's natural tendency to slide. To close gap and minimise the disadvantages of using knee pads on turf, we have explored and implemented two features/adjustments:


A larger upper band promotes more skin contact with the fabric, preventing excessive rolling of the upper band down the thigh. 

An increased upper-band length means the knee pads will hug a larger portion of the upper thigh, better preventing slippage when maneuvering on the court.


Sizing of the knee pads have been focused too much on the upper and lower band circumference when, in fact, 'tightness' is more associated with the middle back portion of the knee pads. Through trial and error we have come up with the optimum mid knee circumference, reaching a happy medium between tightness and comfort.


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