Kadapult Dodgeball

Kadapult Dodgeball

The Brand

The brand started as a mock up on Inkscape.

Knowing little about graphics design, we started by typing out the brand name in MS Word and added a cute slogan:

The Logo

We soon found out that we were not capable of doing any further graphic designing ourselves. We managed to get in contact with a few designers who were happy to work with us for a little $$$ (or in some cases a lot, to which we had to to turn down).

We wanted something easy to print and embroider, nothing too busy and intricate as we wanted to get the ball rolling as soon as possible! Here are some of the initial designs adopting our play on the word "Catapult," with each logo representing a catapult in some way, shape or form..

Still unconvinced, we were presented with even more options:

They were all great, but resembled existing logos too much. After many discussions and sketches, we finally 'short listed' two logos:


We ended up choosing the second design, but the logo needed to change. We liked the fact that the initial logos focused on our play on word for "Catapult," so that's exactly what we asked for! 

We sent through a quick sketch, crossed our fingers and hoped for the best:

And 'the best', was exactly what we got:





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